Membership has a cost of 5,862 Mexican Pesos + Taxes ($299 usd + Taxes) for one year from the day of purchase.
For your convenience we have several ways to make the payment of your membership:
Payment with Debit Card
Payment by Credit Card (we offer payments to months without interest 3, 6, 9 and 12 months)
Payment via SPIE (Interbank Transfer)
Cash Payment (We generate a reference for you to pay at Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Department Stores and Convenience Stores). You can see the options once the reference is generated.

Yes, it is personal and non-transferable, but it has the advantage of being able to register up to 7 more people to book with the same membership.

Yes, we have 2 types of business membership programs. Our corporate clients have a base preferential price and vary according to the volume of purchase.

This program is designed so that the company buys the memberships and obtains the benefit of the saving every time the employee travels business, remaining the company with the rewards of all the employees of the trips made, being able to dispose of them as the company wishes . Examples: Delivery of Hotel Nights for productivity bonuses or Raffle Airline Tickets at the company’s Christmas Inn, etc.

The company contributes 50% of the cost of memberships and another 50% is absorbed by the employee who is proposed to be discounted monthly via payroll. The company will get the benefit of saving every time the employee travels on business. The employee will have access and will be able to enjoy the engine for his personal / family trips and will be able to share the engine with up to 7 members of his family. All rewards are from the employee of both company trips and personal / family trips. The employee can redeem the rewards for hotel nights, car rentals, etc.

Yeah right. Additionally, after saving with the hotel and paying with your credit card that surely offers you also rewards such as AMEX, among many others, we have an extraordinary rewards program in HelloU that also have an expiration of 10 years once they are generated at the time of making any reservation and which you can exchange for stays in hotels, car rentals, cruises, air tickets, etc.

In addition, the rewards obtained that we also call (Credits), you can exchange for gift cards from different recognized companies such as Amazon, Best Buy, Office Depot, WalMart, Zara, etc.

Our engine works in more than 6 languages ​​and in more than 20 different currencies, such as US Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Mexican Pesos, etc.

We have all the corresponding licenses issued by our business partners for the sale of inventories with discounts.

Our business model is based on blocking and negotiating FUS (Future First Inventories) with various travel and entertainment providers through Globalizers and Travel Distributors. These suppliers, technically known as GDS, are the ones to negotiate and block inventories up to 18 months prior to the expiration of each service.
Once the services have been contracted and blocked, we put them on sale in HelloU at their original price without any over-price in exchange. Granting 100% of the savings directly to the member.

Sure 24/7. We have Customer Service with offices in Orlando and 5 Call Centers / Chat Centers that provide service in California, Atlanta, Florida, Bombai, Philippines and Mexico.

Request it via email once you have made your purchase of your membership at
Do not forget to add the following information in the email to correctly generate the invoice:
Business name
Fiscal address

Our corporate offices are located in Houston, Texas; and we also have offices in Monterrey and Mexico City.

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